Unicorns Exchange Platform

Our Network of Financial Partners


Unicorns Exchange is a white-label marketplace solution that matches buyers and sellers of mid to late stage venture-backed privately held companies’ shares.

The platform works on a SAAS model with white-label capabilities to its network partners:

  • Private equity investment banks
  • Family offices
  • Broker-dealers
  • Secondary funds
  • Other secondary mediators

Unicorns Exchange enables its network partners to share deal flow with each other using its Secure Smart Permissions System, and based on its Dynamic Profiling Algorithms, and thus improves dramatically the efficiency of the matchmaking process between buyers and sellers.


Best Way to Close Deals
Unicorns Exchange ecosystem connects its network partners to a network of buyers, sellers and partners, and increases the chances to close deals
Digitally Branded Platform
Network partners own top-notch technology white-label platform, branded under their company name and integrated into their existing web assets
Low Fees
Unicorns Exchange fees are low to enable flexibility of the buyers, sellers and partners and maximize their deal flow potential
Data and Insights
Unicorns Exchange handles a huge amount of data and offers its network partners exclusive access to its massive data and market insights

How it works

Unicorns Exchange enables its network partners to:

  • Manage the existing deal flow
  • Add a branded marketplace to their existing web assets to meet the supply and demand of their clients, both buyers and sellers

Private Private orders are not exposed to other network partners, however, Unicorns Exchange indicates how many potential matching orders are available.


When a partner turns an order into Public, our Secure Smart Permissions System using our Dynamic Profiling Algorithms based on machine learning & AI, analyze, score and suggest the most adequate network partners to be connected to, in order to reach the highest probability to close deals.

When clicking Connect me  Unicorns Exchange will automatically contact the matching order’s partner, get the partner’s consent and connect both partners directly to negotiate a deal.

Market Insights
Unicorns Exchange vast database offers:
  • Great market insights on leading companies
  • Profound reports and analytics of deals
Efficient Matchmaking
Unicorns Exchange and its Dynamic Profiling Algorithms make the most efficient matchmaking system to:
  • Eliminate the need for multiple brokers scenarios
  • Increase the probability to close deals in a timely manner
Data Protection
Unicorns Exchange keeps all data protected:
  • Info about buyers, sellers, and orders is kept private and owned exclusively by the partner
  • For Public orders, only basic information is revealed to other partners.
  • The partner's identity is not revealed until there is a relevant match
Easy to Use
Unicorns Exchange is intuitive and easy to use:
  • We set up a branded white label and integrate it to the partner's website
  • Buyers, sellers, and partners will find the platform simple and straightforward
Unicorns Exchange makes the pre-IPO secondary market more efficient and transparent.
We make the matchmaking activities between buyers and sellers an easier task and increase the probability to close deals in a timely manner.

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