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Providing effective and transparent access to private markets.

Unicorns Exchange is a Pre-IPO secondary marketplace that matches buy and sell orders of private, venture backs tech companies in their unicorns’ stage.

Using proprietary technology, we have managed to build a scaled business (~$600M trades in less than 3 years). By uniquely applying compensation methods for multi -layer mediation, Unicorns Exchange is expanding its network faster than any other secondary marketplace.

Unicorns Exchange clients includes VCs, Secondary Funds, Growth funds, Crossover funds, Hedge Funds, Family offices, HNW individuals, founders, Seed Investors, Private Equity Groups and Key Employees.

Unicorn Exchange Platform

Unicorns Exchange platform enables its network partners to publish their Buy / Sell offers and find the right match. Unicorns Exchange Dynamic Profiling Algorithms dramatically improve the matchmaking process and the chances of closing deals, making the pre-IPO secondary space more efficient and transparent and turning the matchmaking between buyers and sellers into a simple and easy task.

Branded white label solution

Secure Smart Permissions System

Dynamic Profiling  Algorithms

Data protection

Market insights

Reports and analytics


Blockchain & Digital securities


Unicorns Exchange platform is fully transparent. All our Buy and Sell offers are exposed on the platform, providing you full transparent exclusive opportunities in private market.
Growing Network
Our network of investors continues to grow. More than 5000 Buyers and sellers accounts. Managing an average of 350 opportunities each month.
Your information is protected. The buyer and selling information are hidden from the counter party.
Endless Inventory
Our inventory continues to grow with the market. We keep adding buy and sell orders, so you can find the right opportunity that suits your needs.
Free Access
Unicorns Exchange marketplace is 100% free. Once subscribing you get access to our full Buy and Sell inventory and pricing information.
Quick and efficient
We offer the best way to close secondary trades. Simply log in, add your order, find the right match, and let us help you close the trade.


Unicorns Exchange enables its network partners to manage each asset in their own deal flow in a private or public mode. When putting a buy/sell asset request in a public mode, Unicorns Exchange shares your asset request with all its network partners and thus increases your probability to find a buyer or seller for your asset.

  • More companies stay private for a longer period
  • The average road to IPO is 12 years (15 years ago it was 6 years)
  • Locked value created by private companies increased significantly
  • Secondary market reached a record of $79BN in 2018 (setter, Q1 2019)
  • During the last decade, secondary transactions showed the highest IRR in all private equity strategies

Asset Class

Unicorns Exchange will focus on these asset classes:

  • Venture-backed technology companies
  • Late-stage companies: Typically Series E or later, $1+ billion valuation
  • Mid-stage companies: Typically Series B through Series D, $200 million – $1 billion valuation
  • Rapidly growing companies with high press presence

Our Team

Idan Miller

Managing partner

Ofek Cohany


Daniela Reisin

Strategic Account Director

Nimrod May

Advisory Board

Asael Karfiol

General Partner at Citrine Partners

Bradley Fishman

Managing partner at Manhattan Venture Partners

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